8 key points to living your best life

the aim of today’s post is to introduce something new yet sensational- deep work.

despite the intensity of the name, deep work is nothing too hard to commit to. deep work, at its core is just a simple yet sensational way to improve productivity.

deep work can also be used as an easy means of self discovery too. it basically requires you to eliminate all your distractions. this is mainly used to push your cognitive ability to its limit.

deep work requires ‘deep focus’.

ironic right?

the key takeaways from doing deep work are hard pills to swallow but provided you do the work and are ready to commit to being productive every single minute- it wouldnt be that hard to change your life.

of course everybody has their ups and downs, but life is short, and it doesnt not do good to dwell on sad things (totally not copied from that iconic dumbledore quote haha)

the key 8 points are as follows:

#1 focus on one task for atleast 25 mins

#2 write down all your distractions and why they distract you

#3 visualise yourself in deep work

#4 try to build up your focus to 30 mins and go on like that

#5 get some water and have a healthy/ fuilfilling breakfast

#6 switch up places

#7 work somewhere different: shake things up a bit

#8 walk around to get refreshed

ive mentioned a few of those tips in a previous blog post, but the same tips are pretty flexible so they can really be applied almost everywhere.

visualising yourself in deep work is probably one of the things that dont even require work or attention. it doesnt even have to be done sitting. you dont even need to set time out for visualising.

its a pretty simple thing, so it can be done right before you go to sleep- all you have to do is lay down on the bed and visualise.

visualise yourself working hard. visualise yourself focusing and being dedicated. visualise yourself striving hard to achieve all your goals.

the moment you believe you can, is the moment you will.

anyways, i hope that post gave you a bit of an idea about deep work and its relation to productivity.

remember to keep going even when the road looks dull, and even when all the odds seem to be against you.

one day you’ll get there!

asic signing off,

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